Dog Health

Winter for Dog Guardians

Look around, the leaves are brown. Yes, here comes winter. It’s time for all of us dog guardians to make adjustments for the coldest season. The cooler months bring the freedom of longer periods out in the sun. While exercise is as good for dogs as it is for us, it may be a challenge […]






Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

At times of danger and perceived stress, the adrenal glands release the hormone cortisol. This hormone is necessary for a prompt response to danger, to fight illness and infection, and to help with blood sugar levels. But overproduction of cortisol over a long period of time can result in Cushing’s disease, which affects dogs as […]






Does Your Dog Drink Enough Water?

Good hydration is just as important for dogs as it is for us. While we can reason with ourselves that drinking more water is good for us, what do we do if our dog dislikes drinking the stuff? We look at the importance of good hydration, and how you can get your dog to drink […]






14 Common Household Hazards

We all know how it goes; you adopt an adorable dog, care is taken in purchasing all they need, you puppy-proof the place. But over time, the protective measure of looking away or getting rid of all that is dangerous for dogs can slip. And there are many dangers you might just be unaware of. […]






How Much Should You Feed Your Dog?

Most dogs are happy to scoff anything edible put in front of them, regardless of content, quality and quantity. Although some dogs stop eating when they are full, most will not. Every individual dog’s nutrition needs vary, depending on their age and stage of life, breed, size, weight, environment and activity levels. This multitude of […]






Does Your Dog Dream?

Have you ever wondered if your dog dreams? And if they do, what do they dream about? Are they hunting rabbits in an open field, or just twitching in their sleep? While we don’t yet have all the answers, scientists are taking steps to figure out dog dreams, bringing us one step closer to understanding […]






Why Your Dog is Restless at Night

Unlike us, dogs get their sleep in blocks of time spread throughout a 24-hour period. Much of this sleep should occur concurrently with ours, and they will doze for the remainder of the night. Like us, sleep is vital for a dog’s brain development, memory retention and learning, their immunity and their mood. A restless dog […]






Common Causes of Dog Eye Discharge

Sleepy dust. Eye gunk. It happens from time to time. But why, and when is it dangerous? The medically correct term for eye gunk in dogs is ‘dog eye discharge.’ It ranges from a steady trickle of a clear, watery consistency to a thicker pus-like discharge with a tendency to crust, which could be a […]






4 Tips for Doggie Dental Care

The subject of doggie dental care will arise at some point for every dog guardian. We all want our dogs to be at their healthiest. But dental care for dogs can sometimes be overlooked. For those of us with excellent intentions but less than perfect follow through, here are our four tips for doggie dental […]






How to Transition Your Dog to a New Food

Continual research and innovation gives dog guardians greater access to better nutrition for their dogs. Loving dog guardians will sometimes discover cleaner and healthier food to meet their dog’s dietary needs. But changing your dog’s diet should not be rushed. Here, we look at how to transition your dog to a new food. From Wolf to […]






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