How To Get Your Dog To Drink More Water

How To Get Your Dog To Drink More Water


Have you noticed your dog express less interest in drinking water recently? Or has your dog never been much of water drinker? These are relatively common problems to have with your pup; however there is almost always a solution. Read on for some hints and tricks to get your canine pal interested in hydration! First let’s explore some of the more common reasons why dogs avoid water. Most often it can be from a lack of exercise, which will contribute to your dog’s thirst factor. A slight decrease in water consumption shouldn’t be an issue, however if your dog refuses to drink it is best to consult a vet. Another more serious reason has to do with disease and illness. Diabetes and kidney disease can even cause your dog’s thirst to diminish altogether, as well as bladder infections and UTI’s. As dogs age they may begin to avoid drinking water, as the process of getting to the water is too tiring or that their sense of thirst is ultimately diminishing. The final reason is to do with bad experiences and fear of water. If your dog has had a bad experience while drinking water he may associate those negative actions with the process of drinking. There are however, some ways that us as dog owners can make drinking water a more exciting and positive experience, these are listed below:
  1. Clean water bowl
A clean water bowl can make an instant change in your dog’s approach to drinking water.  Simply washing the bowl and replacing it with new water every 1-2 days is all that is needed.
  1. Exercise
Dogs need daily exercise; this can be a brisk walk or simply playing with a toy in the backyard. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise he may not be losing as much moisture from panting and thus wont be as thirsty as a healthily active dog.
  1. Moist food
If your dog is eating a solely dry diet and not drinking water this is a huge problem. Wet dog food contains a great deal of water, so replacing some of your dog’s dry food for wet food can help your dog stay hydrated. Alternatively, soaking your dog’s dry food in water for 30 minutes before feeding him will also help.
  1. More water bowls
Your dog may drink more water if there is more water to drink! Keeping a water bowl outside, in your living room and in your bedroom (essentially wherever your pup spends most of his time) is a great way to make water more accessible.
  1. Flavouring
Adding some low sodium chicken broth or bone broth to your dog’s water may make it more appetising; just make sure it has no onions in the ingredients list as these are toxic to dogs.    

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