Does Your Dog Dream?

Have you ever wondered if your dog dreams? And if they do, what do they dream about? Are they hunting rabbits in an open field, or just twitching in their sleep? While we don’t yet have all the answers, scientists are taking steps to figure out dog dreams, bringing us one step closer to understanding […]






Why Your Dog is Restless at Night

Unlike us, dogs get their sleep in blocks of time spread throughout a 24-hour period. Much of this sleep should occur concurrently with ours, and they will doze for the remainder of the night. Like us, sleep is vital for a dog’s brain development, memory retention and learning, their immunity and their mood. A restless dog […]






Co-Sleeping With Dogs

Research shows that almost half of pet owners share their bed or bedroom with their pet. Well-meaning friends and family members may tell you that co-sleeping with dogs isn’t right. Their opinion might be that dogs should only sleep in their own beds, on the floor, or in a crate. However, there are science-backed benefits […]






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