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Your Dog’s Dental Care shouldn’t Make You Seek Mental Care

Your Dog’s Dental Care shouldn’t Make You Seek Mental Care

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It’s estimated that 80% of dogs have an oral or dental disease, but most go undiagnosed due to dog owners never inspecting inside their dog’s mouth. Every day, veterinarians find alarming dental disease in dogs that are brought in for routine vaccinations or other minor ailments. Poor Dental health effects Here’s why poor dental health in dogs is a problem. Aside from any pain or distress it may cause the dog, the ongoing presence of bacteria and associated toxins have a daily impact on a dog’s health. A dog’s wet mouth is a perfect incubator for all kinds of bacteria, most of which are normal. But when plaque and tartar form on the teeth, normal bacteria levels get out of balance and trouble follows. Over time, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause permanent damage to tissue of the kidneys, heart, or liver. Check your pet’s teeth once a year or sooner if you notice any of the following warning signs:
  1. Redness of the gums
  2. Bad breath
  3. Loose teeth
  4. Discoloured teeth
  5. Broken teeth
  6. Tenderness around the mouth and/or teeth
  7. Drooling or dropping food
  8. Bleeding from the mouth
  9. Loss of appetite or poor appetite
  10. Weight loss
So what can you do to prevent these alarming symptoms at home? The good news is that you can do your part at home to help prevent dental disease by simply brushing your pet’s teeth daily, or a minimum of three days a week. Another great option is the use of dental treats. Dogs love treats, and dental treats for dogs are an excellent way to improve your pup’s dental health. These treats assist to remove plaque build-up and often contain ingredients that freshen breath and clean your dog’s mouth. They are much more appreciated by our dogs than a toothbrush or tooth wipes, and they do an outstanding job of keeping our dog’s mouth clean. These treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours, and you will find something your dog loves. Dog Chews Dog chews can also be very beneficial. There are hundreds of different dog chews, but almost all of them have teeth-cleaning properties. The act of chewing actually benefits your dog’s oral health regardless of what is being chewed on. The gnawing scrapes plaque off your dog’s teeth, and many all-natural chews made from meat contain enzymes that help promote dental health. Chews like pig ears, bully sticks, and chicken strips are a great way to keep your dog happy and healthy. If you’re looking for something with no calories, there are many long-lasting rubber or nylon dog chew toys that do the job, as well. Dog chews are also a great way to keep high energy pups busy for a while as they take quite a while to break down. It’s a win-win! Teeth Cleaning by a vet ? Perhaps the best way to ensure your dog’s oral health is to have him undergo a professional cleaning by a veterinarian. Your veterinarian knows what’s best for your dog’s teeth and will address any issues she finds. Although much more expensive than the other tips we’ve mentioned, a professional dental cleaning is the best way to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. Please remember, you can prevent oral disease in your furry friends with regular dental cleanings, toothbrushing, and pet dental wipes. Attending to your pet’s dental health only takes a few minutes a day, but can bring your pet a longer, healthier life.

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